cecoforma is a Belgian-born globetrotter

We continue to deliver next-level event and communications management. You can get to know us even better through our identity, values, boosters and mission. We can’t wait to start working with you.


Communication agency
Customer centric
Ecosystem of talents
Engineered in Belgium


Fresh & Fun


Focus on client
Team spirit
Set the example


We make you shine & inspired in your communication events activities driven by dedicated, flexible and responsive team of experts

Our team

Our experts are flexible, dedicated professionals with many years of experience in events and communication. Whatever your request, you can run it on our team power.

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    10 July 2019

    SPS Seminar Mexico 2019 FOR DG AGRI - CHAFEA #europeancommission

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    9 July 2019

    DG ENER's event takes us to Martin's Château du Lac, closing the day with #gardencocktails

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    28 June 2019

    DG Environment Away Day @europeancommission

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    28 June 2019

    Be a part of this lovely crew. Visit the jobs on our site.

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    26 June 2019

    Looking sharp at the #eHealth workshop 25-26 June

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