Every year we use our experience, work our contacts, and hustle around the clock to make sure MEDIA stand participants get the absolute most out of Europe’s premiere film festival.

MEDIA at the Marché du Film

2010-2017 — Cannes, France


How to host hundreds of film professionals at the European Pavilion in Cannes year after year while continuing to innovate and improve?

The MEDIA Programme has supported the European film and audiovisual industries since 1991, funding the development, distribution and promotion of European works. As part of its mission to support independent film industry professionals, the programme facilitates access to the Marché du Film, the film market which takes place during the Cannes Film Festival. MEDIA hosts an umbrella stand offering reduced market participation rates and a platform from which filmmakers can promote their activities.

Cecoforma has run the European Pavilion at the Marché du Film since 2010. Every year, we reach out to thousands of film professionals across Europe to assure the participation of a diverse pool of about 200 independent filmmakers. Our veteran participant managers have been working in Cannes for two decades and know the market and festival inside out.

Our work at the Cannes Film Festival is a great example of working “behind the scenes.”

I always smile at the glamorous image that the Festival has in the media. For us, Cannes is one of the highlights of the year, an adrenaline rush, dozens of hours of work poured out in record time in a very pleasant atmosphere – sometimes under the sun, but not always.

Stéphane Hallet


Our communication experts and graphic designers handle the design, production and placement of promotional materials as well as the rental of exhibition and advertising space. Participants register via a dedicated website, which contains practical information and highlights MEDIA supported works. In collaboration with our stand partner, we provide a superior stand structure which is adapted for every edition and staffed with seasoned locally based hostesses able to provide a first-rate level of service.

Never resting on our laurels, we innovate each year by adapting the stand and its services in response to client and participant feedback. At the same time, the personal touch our knowledgeable, trusted team provides year after year helps maximise the Marché du Film experience for both European film professionals and MEDIA representatives.